Pro Wrestling Icons

Pro Wrestling is one of my favorite things. So I decided to make icons of the icons of Pro Wrestling. It all started as a birthday card idea. And then this happened. Now it’s my first blog post.

The rules for the project are a two color limit and they have to have some kind of catch phrase or word. For now, I’m not doing masks or face paint because that seems a little too easy. But I definitely will, how could I not do Sting or Ultimate Warrior? Inadvertently, all but three of these icons were in the NWO. Then again, I think at one point, a quarter of Americans were in the NWO

Look forward to more wrestling galleries coming from the man they call Dusty Gnome, the Booty Man of Spokane, the Dadical of being Radical! The one, of many, “Pizzabuns” Chris Bean!!!



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