Flash Card Word Dissociation Post Cards

A while ago, I made a series called, “Flash Card Word Dissociation.” I wanted to do something with them besides just T-Shirts or a poster. Something almost useful. So the idea I had was post cards.

This series is a set of 25 cards that have an image and a word that both don’t have any common link. It was actually difficult with a couple especially because I ended up using a lot of animals and it was hard not to write “Elephant,” on one.

These can be found at Boo Radley’s, and Baby Bar in Spokane. Perhaps other places now that I’m living in Tacoma.

postcardprint_backflips postcardprint_bagel postcardprint_binoculars postcardprint_cryptozoology postcardprint_dragon postcardprint_elephant postcardprint_extreme postcardprint_faucet postcardprint_ghosts postcardprint_handkerchief postcardprint_illuminati postcardprint_juxtaposition postcardprint_kung-fu postcardprint_math postcardprint_moon postcardprint_mountain postcardprint_pickles postcardprint_sports postcardprint_squid postcardprint_strength postcardprint_television postcardprint_thug postcardprint_war postcardprint_wrench postcardprint_zucchiniP


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