My Philosophy

I believe that we should try to make the world a better place than it was when we got here. Fighting is useless and being really awesome to one another is a lot easier.

This is what I think about every time I take on a job. “Who is this helping, how is this helping them,” are constant questions I try to ask myself. Not always will I have patience, or be prepared, but the least I can do is be good to people.

Hopefully, my work projects this idea.

My Story

I’ve been drawing ever since I was young. I’ve also loved playing drums since I was young. Design seemed like the best way to be able to do both of these things for the same purpose.

I’ve been playing local shows for over 10 years, and working on fliers for shows for about 15. I started trying to make websites and fliers as soon as I got used to Photoshop 7.

Since then, I’ve realized I hate web and prefer print. So I’ve stuck with it and discovered new methods and tools that all excite me.

Style Preferences

I am a sucker for vintage design and appeal. Textures, styles, worn out print, ink blobs; Unless otherwise instructed, I find these to be a benefit to any design. Though I do enjoy flat, simple design, there’s just something about paper texture and imperfections in print that make everything feel more real to me.

In the case of logos, I believe that the best logo is one that tells a story in the quickest, most succinct way possible. When I started, logos were one of my least favorite things to do. But as the years have progressed, they’ve shown themselves to be a perfect challenge in their intricate intentions, yet simplistic needs.

Design has been the balance of enjoying busy art and design, and understanding the need for concise informational display. I’ve had to learnt to not let my eye guide the project, but to communicate with my customers regarding their needs and expectations. Because not everyone is obsessed with pro wrestling, cartoons, and bad prints.

Mostly Unbroken Promise

I don’t believe in promises. But I do believe in honesty. And that’s the most I can give anyone. I’m not a web guy, but I know it. I’m not amazing, but I’m darn good. I’m not perfect, but I strive to be. These are the only affordable “promises,” I can keep.

What drives me is working hard and often (stupidly) and slowly gaining the skills to be a prominent name in whatever circles I make it in. I have no intentions to step on toes, fluff the details, pass off garbage, or make myself difficult in any other way than asking you for money. Which I will always feel bad for.

My only ambition is to be better than some and help many. Nothing more, nothing less.

What the heck with the Pizzabuns?

Pizzabuns is a stupid name for a designer. But not when there’s a million people named Chris Bean. A quarter of them designers. So, I use Pizzabuns as a handle online so I can be found.

But what does Pizzabuns mean? Well, for starters, It’s the most kick-butt motorbike gang that the world has never seen. Our motto was “Raise Heck. Eat Pizza. Kick buns.” We never had motorbikes, but we had a dream.

That’s where the joke eventually went to. But it all started with calling the “<3” emoji a pizza slice with hamburger buns on top. So, it quickly went from “Pizza Hamburger buns you,” to “Pizzabuns you,” to “Let’s start a motorbike gang.”

Then we forgot. But I wrote down “Pizzabuns Motorbike Gang,” at some point. Years later, I would find the notebook while thinking of something to call myself besides Chris Bean. No designer is going to call themselves Pizzabuns. HA!

After buying, I realized that I was now competing with the same million Chris Beans, but also recipes for pizza buns.

So there you have it. My name comes from the fact that I’m easily amused and nobody is going to find Chris Bean Designer without extra steps.