Project Details

November 9, 2015
Encino Band
Photoshhop, Screen Printing, Crafts

Project Description

Encino Band was a band I was in during 2011-12. I always wanted to create an LP cover, but for our packaging design, we had to create something new, and an album cover isn’t really innovative. My compromise was to create a box release with a puzzle and chess board inside. I’ve never has playable inserts inside albums I’ve collected. And everybody has always loved the Cheech and Chong rolling paper idea. So I made a more innocent version of that. Because who doesn’t like puzzles.

To make this happen, I built a box robot costume for about 20 bucks using duct tape and random tubing. I wore that and did a bunch of robot things like playing drums and dancing. Next, I took some stills of the costume just in case. Then took it into Photoshop to separate the colors of the best photos so I could make it a 2 color print. Finally, printed them on butcher paper.

The next process was gluing it all to an LP box. In this case, it was the Smithsonian Jazz collection. It ended up working out great because there is some amazing music on some of that vinyl. But I also had to cut up the box it came in. Life is hard. I reluctantly hand cut Encino Band out of the front. The puzzle was something I’d done for fun so I already had that drawn.

Lastly,  a photography student took the photo. That was all his process. Which was mesmerizing. And made more difficult by all the stuff I wanted going on.

And there you go. There’s that done.