Project Details

October 28, 2015
PJ's Pub
Illustrator, Logo Design, Screen Printing

Project Description

PJ’s Pub is a local staple in west Spokane. I knew enough people there that I was able to start working with them about t-shirt designs when the ownership changed over. That turned into creating a logo and a new look for what was basically left in a 90’s rut.

The new owner’s name is Meadow, and there was talk of changing the name of the business to Meadow’s. She finally decided on just leaving the original PJ’s name so that’s what I worked with. But as a little wink to her, the letters for “PJ” create an “M” for Meadow’s just in case she ever changed her mind again.

The secondary logo was just a random idea of mine to create “PJ’s” and “Pub,” in the same logo. The “P” is the same, the “J” and “U” are combined, and the “S” and “B” are combined as well. It reminded me of 70’s psychedelic logos so I gave it to them as a bonus.