Project Details

November 22, 2015
Silver Hand Pickups
Logo Design, Adobe Illustrator,

Project Description

Silver Hand Pickups are created by Bradley Perry, a local Spokane resident. It would be difficult for me to explain what pickups are, but they are for guitars and make sounds do things. Not having much of a clue about them, I had to have him lend me one so I could have a model to work off of.

We wanted to have this almost retro in style. Very simple and quick to read. While I try to stay away from script in logos, I found one that was simple to read and didn’t mush together when shrunk. The secondary logo comes in two styles. A one color and a two color. Typically, when I design logos, I try to make them work in 1 to 2 colors, and printed inverse without any loss. People do crazy things with logos, so I try to make it possible for them to go nuts.